Kerry Advises on New Realtor Gift Ideas

January 30, 2022

Kerry Seitel Advises on New Realtor Gifts


The other day I was pleased to receive a request from the Real Estate Bees platform to be a guest expert on one of their surveys. If you haven’t heard of them, Real Estate Bees is a unique platform that provides real estate professionals with information on training, marketing, and all things real estate.


I was one of a group of real estate experts who were asked to share our thoughts on good gift ideas for new agents


It was interesting to see that we all would give a gift that helped the rookies with their business, not something personal. As I pointed out, new agents take about 6 months to generate any income. Business-related gifts are especially appreciated by agents who are just starting out.


Gift ideas included items that help with time management, training/motivation, and marketing. There are so many sources online for professional tools and training that it’s easy to find a thoughtful gift for the new agent that you know.


Several others suggested that a cash card, or gas card would be an easy way to give a gift that really helps a startup broker. Anything that saves them money early in their career will be remembered for a long time.


When we were asked to point out some examples of inappropriate gifts, there was a lot of agreement. Non-essential gifts such as funny personal items were considered a waste of money. 


A lot of people today give a bottle of wine as a gift no matter the occasion. I guess it’s easy to grab a bottle and check that item off your to-do list. I was interested to see that about half of the surveyed brokers agreed with me that perhaps alcohol isn’t an appropriate gift. 


For one thing it doesn’t show a lot of thought, and we shouldn’t assume that everyone drinks alcohol. 


A meaningful gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. Certainly not more than $100. 


If you’re looking for a gift for someone who happens to be starting out as a real estate agent, take a few moments online and find a gift that will encourage them. Believe me, a gift that boosts their career will be greatly appreciated.